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E-Z lap Stand

Cross Stitch Supplies & Custom Framing

The Mini sleds are back in stock as well.  Priced $4.45 each


LHN is starting a new series called ABC Samplers (pictured below).  The series will have a total of 9 with one being released each month starting June, 2016. 

The fabric used is 32ct Café Mocha Linen(9" x 9"), but could be easily stitched on any fabric count.  9" x 9" linen $4.46 or 16ct Aida $2.84.

Floss used is Classic Colorworks: Camouflage, Hazelnut, Honeycomb, Gingerbread, Hickory Sticks, Pebble Beach, Roasted Chestnut, St. Bernard, Weeping Willow, and Poblano Pepper.  DMC: 951, 976, 3721 and 3726.  
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Country Cottage Needleworks is releasing Snow Place Like Home starting October. There is a total of 5 designs to this set and they can easily be stitched together or separate. Each chart is $6.25 each.

The models were stitched on 32 ct Lambswool linen.  But this can be changed if you are not comfortable with that small of a count as there are no specialty stitches.

If all of the designs are stitched, a total of this many skeins of floss will be needed:  Classic Colorworks’ Eve’s Leaves (2) and Ladybug.  Weeks’ Cocoa and Blue Topaz.  DMC: White (3), 645, 647, 721, 754, 807, 957, 3031, 3347, 3348, 3766.   The floss pack is $12.81.

Join the fun and call today to sign up for the automatic.

Current Auto Ship Program

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These are perfect for the Foxwood Crossing's Sled Patterns or any small pattern. The gift tag measures 1-1/2" X 2-1/2".
They come in packages of 10 for $1.50 a package.

Patterns like the ones shown are great for year round gifting.  The pineapple pattern is from Della Robbia Sleds and the Pomegranate Sleds are another good one for year round.

Yes this is cross stitch.  Henry did a wonderful job and it was a pleasure to frame it for him. 

Custom Framing Available

First Release

Patterns on sleds are sold separately.

Looking for something online? Click the Merchant Mall logo and sign in and make your purchases Or see something you like, call me with your shopping list.

This Twin Towers Floor Stand by American Dream products is now available as a special order thru The Counted Needle.

A shop model is available for you to tryout the stand in person. 

Graph holder and scroll bars are sold separately.

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We only use acid free mat board to protect your fine stitching.  
Museum glass is available.

20% off the purchase of 3 custom frame orders.  To recieve the discount mention seeing the offer on the website and must include the custom order frame (not an in stock frame or frame bought elsewhere), assembly work to be performed by The Counted Needle, with glass and mat optional.  The order must also be picked up within 7 business days of the call to you for pick up or the discount is void. Can not be combined with any other discounts that may be going on at the time. 

The E-Z Lap Stand by American Dream products is another great option for your stitching needs.  It comes with everything pictured and would be a wonderful gift.

Stop by the store to try either of the American Dream stands.

Twin Towers Floor Stand

Christmas Deadlines:

Ornaments, pillow, stockings, etc. November 1, 2016

Framing: December 3, 2016


November 12th  Stitch-In 4:30 til ?

Christmas Deadlines: Ornaments, etc. Nov. 1, 2016 

                                   Framing: December 3, 2106

Closed Thanksgiving Day, November 24

Customer Appreciation November 25 & 26

Closed December 24 - January 2, 2017 for Christmas and inventory.  See you on January 3rd

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